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Young and Irresponsible, Can't Be Blamed

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Young and irresponsible, can't be blamed

By: Kamelia Doiron

Every single one of us has been there, drank illegally, had a party, lied to our parents to be able to sneak out of the house at night, or even perhaps encountered a cop. Either you're all grown up now and living your adulthood lives or you have yet to discover the teenage side of yourself, it is bound to happen. All of this happened for a reason, our minds were young and uncontrollably irresponsible.

The point of view we built up on life was without a doubt careless. Today, this hasn't changed, more and more teenagers get caught in the act of mischief, and yet people tend to compromise on the fact that they just don't quite understand why.

A teenager will be a teenager, there's no doubt about that, they're minds are in a world of exploring, they resist parental authority. A teen's young mind will obviously deny any kind of discipline from anyone, they're brain just isn't fully developed. These teenagers cannot be blamed, they will do whatever they desire to do.

In this generation, as parents, adults we tend to blame teenagers quite a lot. It's understandable when it comes to they're devious acts, but can we set this aside, and really figure out why? They are not the ones to be blamed for.

Let's face it, teenagers are reckless, it is proven that 72% of teens will break the law at some point in they're lives. Perhaps because of a miss guidance towards the parents, an influential behaviour from a friend, or just that common lack of maturity.

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We continuously hear on the news, teens being caught in the act of drinking illegally(under age), driving without a proper licence, teenage girls being pregnant under the age of 18. The list goes on and on. For these reasons, some laws were invented such as the legal drinking age invented in 1981, legal driving age invented in 1986, and the contraceptive pill invented in the 1950's. These laws are there because all of these issues were just bound to happen.



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