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Why We Can'T Wait

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Why We Can't Wait

In Martin Luther King's Why We Can't Wait, he is depicting the many oppressions that the African-American people faced throughout the 1960's. He allows us to journey along with the young boy from Harlem and the young girl from Birmingham as they overcome the many obstacles they are faced with daily.

One of King's primary purposes for writing this book was to have its reader empathize with the boy and girl. He wanted you to take a walk in the little boy and girl's shoes. He wanted to let the reader see firsthand what struggles African-Americans had to conquer. He wanted his readers to swim into the deep crevices of the past to see what history books left out. He wanted to arouse his reader's minds, so they could indulge themselves into what he had to say and see that African- Americans helped build our nation despite trying circumstances.

Martin Luther King's writing style is like that of no other author. His dialect is very strong and he uses imagery. I could smell the stench of the garbage and I could see the girl's father cleaning up the department store. I could actually feel their pain and their struggles. King told the struggle of the Negro bluntly. He told everything like it is, not leaving any fact out. He put you in the Negro's shoes and made you feel what it's like to grow up during those harsh times.

Why We Can't Wait is a persuasive narrative. King asked and answered rhetorical questions. It seemed as though when he was asking the questions, he was asking America and our forefathers the questions and answering what they could not answer.

In conclusion the answer to Why We Can't Wait is simply that we shouldn't have to wait. African- Americans have done just as much as Whites have done to build this country. We shouldn't have to wait because this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,



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