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One night as I watched the midnight sky I saw several shooting stars. But then I saw something that I did not recognize. It had lights like an airplane, but it was moving much too fast to actually be one. I thought it was strange to see something like that but did not think too much of it. After a bit longer of star gazing I became pretty tired and went back into my house to go to bed. As I changed into my silk pajamas I thought of the strange lights in the sky. UFO's crossed my mind, but I thought there was no way that could be it. So I climbed into my huge bed, covered up, and fell asleep instantly.

Around three o' clock in the morning an odd noise disturbed me. I sat up right away thinking that someone might have broken in. I was terrified to investigate the noise but I knew I had to. I stood up very cautiously and walked through the dark to my closet to retrieve my baseball bat. I then slowly crept down the narrow hallway, searched the living room and kitchen and found nothing. After my short search I figured that I was probably just dreaming that I heard something. That was when I saw a light coming from the back window. I approached the window slowly and as I looked outside I could not believe what I saw. Some kind of ship had landed in my backyard. I stood there in complete shock. I had no idea what I was looking at. Then, suddenly there was an opening in the side of the aircraft, like a door. At first all I could see was a silhouette of the creature standing in the opening. I watched in amazement as it began walking toward me. I did not even realize what was actually happening until it was too late. An extremely bright light shown right on me and blinded me. Although I could not see it, I knew the creature was right in front of the window, I could hear it speaking. But it was not a language I have ever heard. Very shortly after it stopped attempting to communicate with me, the bright light went off and when I opened my eyes I had no idea where I was. I certainly was not in my house any longer. I was sitting in what I thought was an empty room with metal walls and floors. I rubbed my eyes thinking maybe that I was just seeing things, but sure enough I was in some foreign place. I stood up slowly to explore and when I turned around I saw thousands and thousands of people, every single one of them staring straight at me. I approached the strangers and the first man I came to, I asked him where we were. It seemed that all he could say



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