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Tuesday's With Morrie

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Tuesdays With Morrie

Page 78:”He would never do any work that exploited someone else, and he would never allow himself to make money off the swear of others.”

Morrie is a man of great strength. Not physically, but very much so mentally, and eternally. True power and nobility come from within the limits of well-earned honestly. Our culture today is so infatuated in success, and acclaiming it quickly and easily, that often they will do anything to anyone to get there. The “top” is where the wealth is, and our culture today dominates that “top”. It’s where they say we have to be to be somebody honored, looked up to, or successful. It is where you have to be to be anyone at all. People today often get caught up along the way of getting there. Sometimes it’s not even where they want to go or be, but they are so used to following the normal way, that they don’t know any other way to go. They, simply, have lost themselves to culture. They often forget their morals and what is truly important in life. Morrie is a man who gets to they top of life within himself, and he does is honestly. Truth is where the greatest success lies in the end. There will be no regret from truth, nor a put down or a lie. It’s one hundred percent determination, heart and truth. He will never put down another for the means of getting higher. That would be cheating. Morrie is a true player in the game of life, which is real.



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