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The Debilitating Disease Called Alzheimer'S

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Alzheimer's is a form of dementia that affects almost 4.5 million Americans today, resulting in mild to moderate complications that can severely effect the afflicted person's intellectual and social abilities. This can result in a greatly diminished ability to carry out every day activities and live an independent life on their own. Scientists have discovered that the cause of this disease is the failure and death of neurotransmitters in the afflicted person's brain due to the formation of plaques and tangles. These conditions damage or kill the neurons in time leaving the individual with the previously stated complications. While it's true that doctors haven't found a way to cure the disease, recent medical studies have found that several new treatments may stop or even inhibit the production of beta-amyloid which is the protein that causes the destructive plaques to form between the neurons. Another possible treatment has been the use of immune globulins to reduce the amount of beta-amyloid in the afflicted person's brain. These are two very encouraging treatments that scientists are currently working on.

The website that I got the majority of my information from,, arranged their information in an easy to comprehend beginning, middle, and end type of format. This meant that they introduced the disease to the reader as if they were the patient, meaning they presented the information in such a way that as to build on the previous information and take the reader through the diagnosis, treatment, and so on. Their was also some statistics on the disease that gave rough estimates of those currently afflicted and the kind of numbers that are likely in the future. The other site that I used,, didn't have the volume of information on the disorder that had so their set up was just a simple straight forward page with several of the key features denoted by a bold



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