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Shakespeare's Macbeth

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After killing his king, Macbeth is quite traumatised saying that the blood on his hands is 'a sorry sight', but Lady Macbeth is less worried now and says that Macbeth is being foolish. She tells him to go back and cover the guards with blood, but Macbeth won't even think about what he just did, let alone go back to the scene of the murder. So Lady Macbeth goes herself because the guards must look guilty for the plan to work.

Macbeth is almost going mad, his eyes are almost falling out of his head at the sight of his hands. 'Will all great Neptune's oceans wash this blood Clean from my hand?' He thinks that metaphorically, all the water on Neptune couldn’t wash all this blood from his hands, he can't get the blood off his hands, everyone will see it and he will always be a murderer. 'No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine Making the green one red.' The blood on my hands would make all the many seas red instead of green. Lady Macbeth just tells him to use a bit of water, 'How easy it is, then!' Lady Macbeth isn't worried, but Macbeth is mentally disturbed by what he has just done.

Macbeth speaks to the ghost again, he is confused, he says that once upon a time, there were terrible murders, and when the brains were out, the man was dead and that was the end, but now, that isn't true and the dead can come back to life. Lady Macbeth reminds him that the guests are waiting for him, as she is again more worried about what is going to happen than what is happening to her husband.

After the ghost has gone, Macbeth is yet again confused, he can't understand why the others aren't scared when he is, he asks them but they don’t know what he's talking about.

Macbeth is not in control of the banquet. We can see this because of his actions and the way he handles them. He has been seeing ghosts and talking to them about death,



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