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Oh The Places You'Ll Go

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This book is about going on journeys in life and experiencing different things. It shows the true emotions that kids will go through in life. That is really cool because that is true. sometimes it seems as if this book was written about me and its cool. I really recommend this book cuz i love it. Dr Suess is that man.....This book is really trippy too. Youll see ghouls and goblins and weird looking trees throughout

the books wonderful artwork. I recommend this book to all the people, black, white, hispanic, indian, native american, japanese, chinese, turkish, lebanese, arabian, jewish, german, polish, welsh, canadian, hawaiian, polynesian, native alaskan, yemenese, californian, mexican, palistian, isralean.....this book is the it, watch it, its really cool. so one day this kid goes and walks everywhere and sees things like crocodiles, cats mice, dogs, sheeps, cats, ferrys, trees, weeds, mushrooms, blueberries, houses, hills, and all kind things like that. and the kid was so amazed and then there were parts that scared him and so he was scared and then there were times that joyed him and he was so joyous and then there was times when he was brave. oh ya and there was this part when there was a pair of pajamas, swear to god, was running around but there was nuthing in it! it was just running. and then the kid was scarred of it but he also saw that the pajamas was scared too and then it was wierd.but then that stood for the fact that the kid is anybody and the pajamas are anybody and it doesn't

discriminate and their both scared of each other but they dont know why and so then these 2 people just chill and cruise and do whatever and you know kick back whatever.



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