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Meno's Learning Takes Place

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Essay Preview: Meno's Learning Takes Place

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Hyeong Joon Choi


Intro to Philosophy

According to Meno and me , learning takes place in how can you use the

knowledge, and believe that whatever it is right. and how does nature of reasoning takes you

great thing as well. But, in order to such things of greatness. you need to have a moral, and be

good person! Well because when Socrates said " teaching good is return by a good reward than

a thing " this text emphasizes how does one learn something good in knowledge so that they

wouldn't be misinformed about it and it could endanger your relationship with other

relationship so we need to control how can we limited our knowledge so that we wouldn't think

of evil desires, but people are stupid not to heed the warning. also it shows how when you

teach something good, a reward comes to you and you feel great about it. for example like in

modern society, when Barack Obama was running as candidate for presidential election. he said

" We are One Nation, and here is the United States of America and we can expand that theory

to help the society and people of the world so that we could ensure peace as well ". it surprises

me how people like Barack Obama uses the arts of rhetoric to inspired the people so that they

can do great things and shared the knowledge they acquired and continue to live on the legacy

of what Socrates and all great philosophers predicted which is so cool about how did they

predicted and got right every single time. And people often ask this question to the table, why

you should be good? and the answeris because you want to be good person when suffer than

suffer wrong . like an appeals, immoral. and you still want to be immoral person still. Finally, it

brought to the idea of how Meno teach about how learning takes place. Meno's idea was about

" can virtue be taught " this question has been a long conundrum to all modern philosophers

anywhere even my teacher too. But I getting from the lessons, virtue is about to think through

the problem and solve it like a math. but what is mostly about is what is relative to your life.

In order to understand the meaning of virtue, I'll bring up a story. in ancient athen era, Socrates

visited the prison and seek something. so he tested a Greek boy to solve this math problem



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