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Mary Silliman'S War

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A shot was fired and no one was left for mercy. Very few survived the slaughter and those that did make it out alive were badly injured. News of this massacre reached the men that had left to the other town and they rushed back home to find that their homes were in shambles and that not a single building was still standing. The men mourned for their friends and family. But after they were done with their morning they had hatred in their hearts and they vowed for revenge. Mary Silliman has a premature birth of a sickly baby boy named, Jacob. The baby only survived a few hours before slowly drifting away. She was now filled with anger and resentment towards the British and only wanted revenge. Shortly after Jacob dieing, Mary received in a letter that her husband had died in a prison with smallpox epidemic that eventually deteriorated his weakened body. Within a short while the British sent back Selleck's diseased body so that he could have a proper and respectful burial. Mary felt like she had nothing left but her children who she vowed to protect. Mary woke up in the middle of the night and slowly began chop of all of her long beautiful hair. The only way she knew to take revenge and protect her children was to dress up as a man and fight in the war herself, but before she left she was going to find the man that posed as a colonist and sent the men to the wrong town. Within no time of searching she saw the man that had ruined her town within a distance, and with great marksmanship, she shot and killed him. Mary was shocked at the feeling of power she got by the killing of one man's life and this made her even more destined to kill the men that had turned her life into such a horrible nightmare. Her two children were to be left with a distant relative whom she trusted, while she was away fighting the war. Early that next morning Mary set out to fight this hard, gruesome war. Dressing and acting like a man came more naturally than Mary had expected because she had gone so long missing her husband. She tried to remember the little things Selleck did, which only made her sadder and angry to get these cruel men back. Finally meeting up with a group of men fighting, she put on her best show and they accepted her without any question. War was nothing like she imagined, seeing men she knew being shot and killed, but she stayed strong and steady to save her own life. In the evenings she would write letter back to her children to let them know she was alive and going



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