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Life's Ways With Unfair Love

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Life's Ways with Unfair Love

Forest Gump, a well-known film, not only shares the story of a man's journey through life, but it also portrays the many facts faced each day. Life is not fair, but there is no reason not to except it and just get used to it. Throughout life there are many obstacles and experiences that we all go through at one time or another. Everyone has feelings and those feelings are bound to be confusing at some point in our lives. Missing someone you love and then feeling hurt by watching him or her love somebody else can be one of the toughest things to deal with in life.

Love is hard and always will be. Feelings can get so caught up each day that it is hard to know which way is the right way to feel. It can be easy to get so used to what our mind is trying to tell us to do that we do not give our heart the chance to show us what actually to do. With all the criticism and opinions, we have no reason to carry our hearts on our sleeves when we know how we truly feel towards someone. Any feeling can be confusing, especially when something seems so right. Feelings begin to turn into thoughts that eventually become unexplainable.

The feeling of finding someone who makes your heart feel happy is something that nobody imagines letting go of or ever losing. Seeing the world though someone else's eyes and having to look away just seems so unfair. After the first time someone makes you feel loved, you realize what you had previously missed. Missing someone can have you thinking of all the right reasons you were brought together and all the reasons why you fell apart. Some days hurt much more than others, but knowing that someone at one time wanted to know your every thought with just one look can mean more than words itself.

Watching someone change his or her feelings towards you for someone else can sometimes make you feel as if your heart is never going to stop



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