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It's Just A Dream

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It's Just a Dream

When one hears the word "America," one may associate that with freedom and democracy. For many others, the idea of opportunity and refuge comes to mind. These ideas enabled people to develop the American dream. For many years, the American dream was a contagious fantasy that plagued the world with the belief that prosperity and happiness will arise by coming to America. It offers false hopes to its followers because it manipulates people to believe that everyone can be successful and that poverty has no existence as long as one works really hard. It camouflages the fact that there are many formidable obstacles that one must face in order to conquer the American dream which includes language race, and wealth.

The American dream failed to consider the language barrier that many experience. America is so diverse that not everyone speaks the same language. It makes it harder for people to communicate and understand each other. As a result, it makes it more difficult to be employed or to earn a good salary. There are many immigrants suffering from back breaking labor while they are being cooked alive from the heat of the scorching sun; only to be offered very low wage to pick strawberries. People are performing activities that are physically demanding only to be underpaid. Shouldn't harder work be rewarded with a bigger salary? They may want to leave the job but because they don't speak much English, which makes it difficult for them to convey that they want better salary or better


conditions. The circumstance forces them to be complacent with the situation because they have no other alternatives to support their lives. These immigrants are trapped in the idea the sticky floor. They can never have the opportunity for upward mobility nor a promotion of any kind. If they are articulate, then they can be replaced by someone else who will do the job for a cheaper price. It is evident that language is a barricade that can prevent people from prospering.

The American dream emphasizes that money and possessions is the calculation of success and happiness. The dream tends to ignore that a person born into wealth has an upper hand in any situation. George Bush is the President of the United States of America. He was lucky enough to be born into a family of high status. Bush did not earn his success with just his intelligence and hard work alone; he achieved it through the aid of his family status. In the story, "Classes Clashing", it points out the fact that class and wealth is a contributing factor that determines if the American dream is attainable. For many of us, the American dream is an itch that can't be scratched because we aren't able to afford the things we want in life. In "Classes Clashing", it states, "many middle class people can no longer afford to buy a first home." Also in a commentary in the Sacramento Bee, it confirmed that the owners of Walmart are billionaires, but over ninety percent of their employees will never be capable of buying a house. There are too many people in America who are being paid minimum wage. Many people are struggling to pay their bills and are making just enough to survive so it's more difficult to have a nice home. This corroborates the fact that one must have money to enjoy the finer things in life.


It is difficult to achieve the American dream if one isn't up to the educational standards. Many people just aren't intelligent enough to fulfill their dream and some are just not wealthy enough to afford education. There are many students that are attending community colleges because the universities are so expensive. Although it is cheaper to attend a community college; the cost is still too high. People need help in order to achieve their goals. Students are getting help from financial aid but still that isn't enough.

Another factor that can stall a person from reaching the American Dream are credit card bills. Many Americans have dug a grave for themselves because they are far into the pit hole of debt. This day in age people, people do not carry cash with them as much. Instead credit cards are more commonly used. The credit companies set their interest rates really high which makes it very easy for a person to slip into debt. Most commonly, debt happens when a person is hospitalized. A person usually would pay their expensive medical bill with their credit cards. Then they would use another credit card to pay for that credit card and the cycle of destruction perpetuates. The credit card bills may result in bankruptcy, thus making it harder to attain the American dream of being prosperous.

Race is a determining element towards the American dream. It is obvious that it is the white man's world in America. In the story, "Revolt of the Evil Fairies", Ted his American dream of being Prince Charming in the play because he was dark skinned even though he had the talent. Instead, the role of Prince Charming was given to a light skinned boy who wasn't even qualified. The story illustrates the dissections of the two classes



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