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Is Creativity More Than Ever Needed in Today's World?

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Essay Preview: Is Creativity More Than Ever Needed in Today's World?

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AlphaGo, a robot who defeated the world champion Go player-Li Shishi, has brought a controversy that whether creativity is still needed today since robots like AlphaGo can create solutions to problems. Actually, although Artificial Intelligence has accomplished remarkable achievement, it still cannot replace human creativity. Not only does creativity highlight our excellence under today's fiercer competition, but it also enhances the development of society, thus creativity is more than ever needed today.

Creative people are more appreciated in today's competitive world. With the significant development of education, science and technology, many people become well-bred and knowledgeable. Among them, those who are filled with creativity will gain competitive advantages in enterprise and have more possibilities to achieve success. Steve Jobs succeeded in inventing and masterfully marketing ever-sleeker gadgets that transformed everyday technology. He made full use of imagination and creativity to create new products, which is one of the essential reasons that contributed to the great and unfailing popularity of a series of products among people. Without creativity, Steve Jobs may find it harder to stand out from the mass of technology companies. Therefore, creativity is necessary for making a person even company sparkle.

In addition, creativity boosts the development of society, flourishing science and technology. Throughout history, creativity has played the dominant role in the development process. The invention of steam engine by Watt marked the end of great tradition of labor with hands and the beginning of a new era of machinery.After Tomas Edison's inventing lamp, the utilization of electric power is the outstanding feature of the second industrial revolution, since then the age of electricity had dawned. With the appearance of computer, people gradually entered the age of information. Creativity has always occupied a primary position in leading human progress in technology and science. In information-shared era, it is easier for us to learn about others' opinions and follow them



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