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I’m Organized and Manage My Time Wisely.

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Essay Preview: I’m Organized and Manage My Time Wisely.

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If there is something that you would want to change here at __________, what would it be? I want to help you accomplish that, because being president isn’t being there for just yourself; it also includes being there for others. If I win, I want YOUR ideas for ways we can make the school better. I’m not just talking about problems such as “the hand dryers aren’t powerful enough,” I’m talking clubs and ways you think we can make ______ better. No idea is too small!

Look, I know that some of the other candidates will “say” they will do certain things if they are president, but I am going to work smart and hard for your ideas, because that is the only way to get something done. You can’t just say that you’re going to do something, you have to work hard to achieve completion.

If you don’t believe that I would be a good president, I want to continue to tell you why. Let me tell you some things about me and my qualifications. Im telling you these because these are what I will have to work for you.

· I am found giving back to students by volunteering at _________ from talent shows to PTO Events whenever I can.

· In class, I am active in Signet and get good grades.

· I’m organized and manage my time wisely.

· I am cooperative and respected with all grade levels and ages.

As the SCA president, I would lead the meetings in the mornings and the occasional SCA meeting in the afternoon. Well, since I have shared information about why you should pick me, I want to share some possible ideas with you guys out there. First off, I think we should bring back the “Snowflake shop.” If you don’t know what that is, the “Snowflake shop” was an event on a December night where families could come to buy seasonal and holiday gifts.



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