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Hrm Case Analysis - Wayne Eisener's Career Choice.

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Essay Preview: Hrm Case Analysis - Wayne Eisener's Career Choice.

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An executive vice-president at Richmond Hill Mortgages (RHM) :


1.  Eisener would be offered the position of executive vice-president, and would be in charge of all marketing efforts. If he does a good job, he would be offered a partnership equivalent to that of the current two owners in only a few years. This would be a good opportunity for him.

2.  Eisener’s business experience from his previous company, Toronto Wallpaper, can help him make RHM grow. His skills in strategic planning, team building, effective communication, leadership and new business development would support him well in his efforts as executive vice-president. In addition, since the incumbent two partners have no experience in sales and marketing, Eisener’s presence definitely would contribute a lot to this company and significantly improve company’s productivity.


1.     The company is very small and the whole operation of the company is limited. Apart from two partners, the company only has two employees. Since the partners are nearly responsible for all aspects of the business, work might not be accomplished so professionally.

2.     The company would not provide Eisener with a secretary or even his own office. This would be a drastic change for Eisener, and even probably would lower his working efficiency, since he had his own office and secretary when he was a junior lawyer at Michello, Roberts, Davis.

A junior lawyer position at Weiler and Simon LLP, Barristers and Solicitors


1. This job gives Wayne Eisener much room for promotion and he can get higher pay and better benefits . Eiserner would technically enter the firm as a junior lawyer with a base salary of $80,000. As the number of the clients he brings in increases in the future, he will get promotions and raises.

2.  WS’s main areas of specialization are litigation and commercial law, which are related to Eisener’s previous study and work experience. With the skills and knowledge he has gained in university and previous jobs, he can adapt to the job quickly, achieve excellent job performance and get job satisfaction.


1.This job requires too much time. As his three children are grown, Eiserner gets older. Though he does not need to spend much time with his children, it will be a hard time for him to engage in job for 75 hours every week. He may struggle with supporting himself to serve the job. Meanwhile, it is difficult for him to strike a balance between his family and work.

2. The regulations of the present society are not agree with what he learned 20 years ago, which results in the limitation of his knowledge. With the rapid development of modern technology, the majority of the research is done by computers. This also make him inconvenient because the company would not provide him with an independent assistant.


If I were Eisener, I will choose the second offer of WS considering the below criterias.

  • Prospect of development

Considering the serious economic condition of Eisener’s family, he needs a lot of money to afford the tuition fee of his children and to support the whole family for the living expenses. Since it is urgent for him to gain money, it is better to get a stable cash inflow to avoid unexpected gap from reality and his expectation.Based on that, the Weiler and Simons (WS) is more attractive to him, which provides him with higher base salary than the Richmond Hill Mortgages (RHM) does. Moreover, he will be offered a charming bonus structure in the WS, which can let him make the best use of his network of relationship built in his time spending in corporate world. According to his estimation, he can generate $30,000 bonus in the first year and the number will increase by as much as 25 percent per year. As his great growth potential within the firm, his base salary will reach at approximately $250,000 within five years, which is nearly five times as the base salary in RHM.



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