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Flannery O' Connor Story

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Judgment Day by Flannery O'Connor is a story about an old man living in mid-twentieth century New York City but who's mindset is one of late nineteenth century Corinth, Alabama. The story starts by leading you to believe that the main character, Tanner, is going to visit his hometown but it is revealed that he is going there to reside or die trying.

Tanner is the main character that suffers from self-righteousness and spiritual blindness. He is arrogant toward black people because he used to employ them. At first glance, he appears to be a simple man that is almost understandably racist. However, when you look at the way he acts towards the black actor, his arrogance and bigotry can be seen. Tanner wants to trek back to Corinth because he is lonely in New York. Although it is never revealed why he is in New York, it is safe to assume that his daughter has to take care of him since he was becoming frail. Tanner has only been close to one black person in his whole life. All the black people he knew were his employees except for Coleman. Tanner thinks that he is greater than he really appears because he had so much power over his workers in Corinth. Tanner is not necessarily a racist because what he does is not purposely meant to ridicule black people. His rhetoric toward black people is the way he would speak in Corinth to his workers. Since he rarely went out of his apartment, he did not have much experience dealing with New York black people. He is blind spiritually because he takes too much time thinking about his own trek to Corinth and winning over the black actor next door. For a man that is so close to death, he does not pray very much or even recognize that there is a heaven. Judging by his daily thought, he has not made any room for God in his life. I believe that he was a God fearing man in Corinth, but now all he wants to do is be back at home and that conquers his thoughts. It is incredible that a man with so much time on his hands does not pray at all. I think that the only way he would be able to get back in touch with God is if he went back to Corinth. The religious customs of New York are so different that he would not know how to start getting in touch with God. The fact that his return to Corinth would spur a spiritual reformation is shown by his constant reference to the "Judgment Day" when he is thinking about his friends in Corinth. Since he is so distant from New York when he is in his dreams, the dreams can be seen as a reality proposed by Tanner. In the dreams about Corinth, he is more comfortable than his life in New York. If Tanner did go back to Corinth, however, he may be surprised by the change that has taken place but would grow accustomed because he feels that is where he belongs.

Tanner's neighbor, who's name is not said, is a black actor with a short fuse. He is born in New York and exemplifies the cultural difference between



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