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Feminism- It Doesn'T Get Much Worse Than That.

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Essay Preview: Feminism- It Doesn'T Get Much Worse Than That.

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Feminism: Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. As we look back in history women and men were never thought of as equal. When put up next to the strong, dominant male, females were often thought of as lower and not nearly as important. Even now though, as we enter into the twenty-first century, with all kinds of women's rights and the thought that Hilary Clinton might just become the first women's president, I have to say that I am probably one of the few women that are actually not in favor of it. During the 1950's women did not work nor did they in any way contribute to the success of the United States. Men preformed all the dirty work and because of them being physically and mentally more able to handle different cituations women were not needed other than to stay home and watch the children. But why may I ask you is this such a bad thing? Why have we, as women, made cooking, cleaning, and watching the children seem like such a sexist way of life? Is it really? To me it seems like we are doing nothing more than something we were already good at in the first place.

Women were meant to be motherly, caring, and nurturing. With those qualities what better a job than staying home and watching the children? When a child is to fall and hurt his knee, who better a person than the mother who can kiss it and make it better. If you were to have a man handle the same situation, I'm sure it would end up something like him saying, "c'mon boy suck it up." Not to say that, that is wrong in anyway, but if you were the child I'm sure you'd much rather have your mom to help rather than your dad. Women even have a whole different neurological makeup in their system just to enfisize the fact that we are emotionally unstable compared to men. We go through much more emotional highs and lows when compared on a chart to men. Women were meant to have more emotions than men however and were made to typically get more emotional and more dramatic at times.

With men being physically stronger than women I am all for them being the ones with the jobs, especially jobs such as: a policeman, a fireman, a construction worker, etc. Bringing in the income is what the men always did and what they still should do today, regardless if his wife works as well. Women can't lift as heavy of objects as men nor be able to handle a 6'2'' man when he grabs you around the arms and is so much stronger than you that you cannot

get away. Exactly the reason women were meant to stay home in the house. Men were also meant to be the protector of the women. With their strong physic, why would this be any other way? Why is there a phrase "man of the house" and not "woman of the house?" It's simple really. Men are stronger mentally and physically and are more capable of running the household. If a couple were being robbed, its not like the woman is going to be the one jumping out of bed with a bat in her hand ready



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