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Essay - Laura's Responsibilities

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Laura has a lot of responsibilities she’s trying to deal with all at once. She could get a daily routine. While she is looking after her sisters after school she can do some homework when she has down time. She could also learn how to say no because she has a lot going on. She could possibly get her friends to apply to her job so she could get less hours so she has time for homework. She could also volunteer less in the mentoring program. There are a lot of steps she could take in order to not procrastinate as much.

Laura has multiple ways she can make use of the time she has. While she is looking after her sisters she can sit down and they all can do their homework together. That’ll help her and her sisters because they’ll have time to help each other with homework and to bond. On the days she doesn't have to work she could spend more time doing homework versus the days she works. She could also schedule a day like Sunday where she stays home all day doesn't go to work and does homework.

Saying no to people in need is a very hard thing to do for some people like Laura. She always says yes to her job when they need her help or if they’re short people which takes away the little amount of time she has already. One way she can say no is by just saying no she has school work that needs to be completed and she won't have enough time after she gets off work. Her schooling should be more important than a part time job. Something she could also do is compromise. For example if her job needs her to come in on her off day or come a little early she could ask to leave early one day or have a day off that she has to work so she can deal with her homework. Also with the volunteering she isn't obligated to do so because she's volunteering so she isn't really getting anything out of it.

There are plenty of students that are looking for a job and since her job is so understaffed she could let people around campus



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