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Don'T Know

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Imagine an 11 month old puppy that is 10 Ð... pounds. She has white fur and has tan spots on her back. Her eyes are dark chocolate brown. She is the size of a small raccoon, and her ears move back and forth like a horse that is listening to you.

I remember the first time I saw my new puppy. She was the size of a baby's shoe. Her fur was the color of a new born polar bear. Her eyes looked like lumps of coal on her face. Her ears were floppy and the size of a medium sized magnet.

Picture a snow owl the size of a baby raccoon. That was my puppy when we picked her up. She was able to wear Build-A-Bear clothes. Now my puppy can't wear those clothes. Her eyes on her face and her cold nose are dark chocolate black and it is wet as water. Her pink torque licks you all over your face when you are asleep and when you feel bad. When she is asleep, her nose can smell any food that is being cooked. Her ears are like horses ears, moving back and forth when you talk to her. Her fluffy tail swings back and forth when she is happy, just like your hair in a summer breeze. Visualize my dog Daisy.

Her soft fluffy, white fur is like a blanket that you want to snuggle up to by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Her wet nose touches your face and feels like little rain drops that fall on a summer day. Her pink tongue is as pink as a light pink sweatshirt that licks you day and night. Her sharp mails and teeth feel like little sharp pins. Her fluffy, white tail is the color of new fallen snow.

Daisy's barking is like a little child's bark when she or he is pretending to be a dog. Her long nails touching the ground sounds like clicking on the floor Her crying sounds like a baby when she is not happy. Daisy's growling is like a German Shepherd in a 10 Ð... pound body that is



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