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Do Not Judge A Book By It's Cover

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Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover

"What you see is what you get" is a saying that rings in a person's head when they see someone that looks strange, or just different, from them. In those cases, society is quick to "judge a book by its cover". We see tattoos and piercings on people and automatically assume they are somehow a bad influence or just an evil person. We perceive people with tattoos and piercings negatively because we have been conditioned by society to accept this stereotype, which I feel is incorrect and extremely unfair to the individual who choose this lifestyle.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is more like the saying society should be living by when dealing with pierced and tattooed individuals. But instead, we're quick to assume a pierced and/or tattooed person is either a criminal, thug, gangster, or just plain bad simply because society has taught us that piercings and tattoos are synonymous with "bad" things like crime and violence. So when they see someone who is tattooed and/or pierced in the streets, they tend to shy away from them or simply be scared of them. I don't agree with this stereotype what so ever because I believe it is one of the greatest misconceptions.

Just because someone may look different than us on the outside, with all their tattoos and piercings, doesn't mean they're any different than us on the inside. I just don't think a person's character should in any way be judged based on the way they look or how many tattoos or piercings they may have. Just because someone may look mean and scary on the outside, doesn't necessarily mean they are. The meanest looking guy, covered with tattoos, could in all actuality be the safest and softest guy on the planet. But we'd never know that just by looking at him. If everywhere this guy went, people turned away from him and refused to befriend him based on how he looked, he would have a very lonely life, all because people judged him for how he looks on the outside. When all the while, there could be this wonderful, gentle, caring human being that would never be discovered because of this stereotype that continues to blind society.

Tattoos and piercings are simply a form of self-expression. It's art. But instead of using a traditional canvas, tattooed/pierced people use their bodies as the canvas for their intricate artistic expressions. It's no wonder a score of celebrities have chosen to openly tattoo their bodies in recent decades, throwing all caution to the wind and possibly bringing a little more much needed



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