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Dead Men's Path

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The short fictional story of Cinderella contained many elements of fiction. The

elements that will be discussed in this analysis are plot, point of view, theme, images,

and foils.

The plot, or what's happing, of the fairytale Cinderella centers around an evil

stepmother and two stepsisters who mistreat and take advantage of the only daughter,

Cinderella, of a weak, controllable guy who is entering a second marriage. The author

illustrates the plot by showing how Cinderella is able to overcome adversity and end up

better off than the afore mentioned characters by being humble, beautiful, and helped

with a little magic to live happily ever after with her prince charming.

The point of view of Cinderella is omniscient. The author lets the reader see and

know about all the characters throughout the story. The characters are illustrated and

described so that the reader would know at all times what each person is doing at any

given moment.

The theme of the fairytale seems to portray as long as you are humble, full of faith

and patience, good things await for you. Cinderella used a lot of images and good foils

to help tell the story. The clothing wore, horse and carriage, princes, wooden floors and




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