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Butterfly Pj's

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Butterfly PJ'S

By: Keristen Mitchell

I was wondering at the time whether it was a mistake buying a new pair of pj's with decorative butterflies. As it turned out my thoughts were correct. I can never find them in my drawer; they constantly fly off, and are never wear I left them. I have now had to buy a butterfly net, and must be careful not to leave the door or windows open. I have had problems with the other set I had; it seems they must be flying away. I arrived home to find my pj's flying around the room, or hanging upside down from the ceiling. It wants to go anywhere but on me.

My friends think I'm crazy when I tell them about my pj's. Travis says, "girl maybe you just misplace your pj's, I don't they would fly away". Well Travis they have, I've seen them flying around the house many times before. Travis says, "well maybe you were so tried you thought you saw them flying around". No sir I saw them flying around. That night Travis and I went to the movies, after the movies we went back to my house. To my surprise what did we see my pj's over by the window. I quietly grab the butterfly net and caught them. Travis says, " Oh my what the hell am I dreaming". No Travis I told you that my pj's fly around the house.

One Monday night I returned from school to find I had left the window open. After searching the house I had to accept the fact that the pajamas were gone. A month has passed, and I occasionally saw it flying around the backyard. With winter coming I have decided to buy another pair, this time with snails on. They are not as attractive, but the good thing is they are much slower. In order to find them I just follow the sticky trail.



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