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Business In Today's World

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Businesses today do not endure the cycles of balance capital, profit, and wages. Today's businesses utilize employees that are more interested in designing a fascinating and innovative product rather than using their efforts to focus on the financial aspects. Businesses must focus on how to incorporate the customers into the product. Elements such as complementary products or software to enhance usage, user friendly products, prompt customer support, continued maintenance, and expanded product capabilities will be much more important for future businesses. Campbell discusses the fact that even good products are forgotten after time, but the experience is what makes any good product, a great one.

You may have heard of a website called Craigslist. The maker of this site understood that the customer's experience is what makes his site prosperousand is among the top twenty most visited sites in the world. It is funny because his site has no visual appeal with hardly any advertisements. However, this site it popular to the world because it is a place where people can interact with others from all over the world. There are some people who have had their whole lives changed from using Craig's website. Craigslist makes what is a simple website, much more personal. Craig continues to keep his site banner free, user friendly, and very informative.

Campbell's key message is a simple and clear one. Times are changing so one must embrace it without the fear of failure. Future business creators must realize that creating an unforgettable experience is much more valuable than trying to create the best product. Without the personal connection between business and customer, your product will be just another retail item.



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