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Bidder's Edge

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Essay Preview: Bidder's Edge

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I hope you had a chance to read over the article I sent you regarding Bidder's Edge and Ebay. I hope you are reconsidering how you plan to structure your website. I have put together some information that I want to pass along to you to help when deciding how to run your site.

First I want to discuss the differences between Bidder's Edge and the regular Ebay customer. Bidder's Edge was a business that was continuously scanning Ebay's servers for auctions to put on their site. They were using Ebay's servers, which were private property, and such was a trespass on their property. Also, if not stopped, it could lead to other companies to do the same thing and would cause problems with Ebay's equipment.

Ebay could stand to lose a good bit due to the problems that could arise. Information could be lost or slow transactions could take place due to the elevated traffic. This could cause customers to choose another site or cause Ebay to reimburse money to auctioneers due to unavailability of their product.

I looked up the definition of the traditional meaning of trespass of personal property to get some similarities. It is when one person damages another person's property or interferes with the enjoyment of the item. For example, if you cause harm to someone's house then this would be a trespass of personal property.

As you see, the definition of the traditional trespass has quite a bit of similarities to the Ebay case. First, the courts said that this could cause harm to Ebay's software and hardware if this kind of activity continued. Also, this could hinder Ebay from enjoying their business if problems arose with their customers or equipment.

I think you may need to take some time and study these things a little further before you decide to link sites to yours. Also, you need to get permission from the sites you intend to link beforehand so there will be no confusion. I hope you



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