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Analysis Case Miya's

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Analysis Case Miya's

The personal and business philosophy of Bun Lai is clearly conveyed in all aspects of Miya's restaurant. His casual nature and true passion are evident from the time you walk through the front door. The front entrance is very unassuming as are the tables and chairs in the restaurant. Since the sushi bar is a prominent feature in the restaurant you get the feeling that there is nothing to hide and the sushi is what you're there for.

The blue green color of the walls, the subdued lighting and the eclectic artwork help create a sense of tranquility. The employees assist in generating a comfortable, relaxed environment that makes you feel you're part of the family. The detailed explanation of each sushi roll and its history makes you feel like "you're in on the secret". And Bun's continuous presence in the restaurant helps to further connect the customers to the "family" as does the circle of regulars.

The philosophy of food being central to life and spirit is manifested through the display and service of the food itself. It is quite ritualistic in nature and supports the full philosophical ideal of Miya's. The love of the food is unconsciously revealed by all employees of Miya's and to some extent Bun has become a visionary who has influenced countless people through his passion for food and art. Although a lot has changed since Miya's inception the family-like atmosphere and artistic food options will continue into the futureÐ'... "Because Man Cannot Live on Rice Alone".



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