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Analasys Of Nora In A Doll's House

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I do not agree with Nora's claims. I believe she was happy. She was happy when she was playing with her children, when she 'saved' Torvald's life, and when she chatted with Dr. Rank. I also believed she loved her children, Torvald, her father, and she probably loved Dr. Rank to some extent. Technically, she was married; she went through the ritual, she accepted the vows and the ring. However, I believe these things changed with her epiphany. When Torvald was going on his rant about staying married and all that she realized that this is how her whole life has been. With her epiphany her view of happiness, love and marriage changed. So when she thinks back to these 3 things she believes that she did not have any of them. However, it was not her situation that changed, it was hers view that changed. Theoretically these 3 things are based upon perspective, the only exception being marriage, but that is only because society has made marriage a binding contract; in Nora's case she is talking about the idea of marriage. Her view of love, happiness and marriage changed so perhaps she was no longer happy, married or in love but that does not mean that she never was. When Nora tells Torvald that in order for them to stay together they "would have to be so changed that... [their] life together would be a real wedlock" she is saying she would have to stop playing the "doll" and he would have to stop playing with "dolls". I am unclear on her statement, but believe that she feels their marriage was only "playing" at being married.

If Nora's story were a "true story", I believe she would end up in very rough shape. I am not familiar with Norwegian culture, but if it were to happen in Canada in 1879 she would have a very hard life ahead of her. For one thing, she is now a single lady who is not young. Secondly, she has no training for any type of work. Thirdly, once she severed her ties with Torvald, she would likely sever her ties with any friends she had made since school. Fourthly, she abandoned her husband and children. Finally, she has doubts about her faith. At the time of the story, it would have been very looked down upon for a lady to be unwed at such



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