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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Journal Entry #1

This is ridiculous. I have told father many times that I refuse to wed Demetrius, however, he does not seem to understand. I am in love with Lysander. We are destined to be together, I know it. It is written in the stars and that cannot be changed. I do hope father will soon come to realize that... I highly doubt it though, judging from the argument

we had earlier. Father even sought

Theseus' aid! The duke and father had tried to persuade me; they evern tried to threaten me with death but nothing could penetrate my dedicated love towards Lysander.

I was happy that Lysander defended me. He and Demetrius had started a small argument

, but of course, father still favoured Demetrius. Even after hearing that Demetrius had made love to Nedar's daughter Helena, father still chose Demetrius. I do not understand why he is being so stubborn. To think I would have to married to an unfaithful, disrespectful man whom I do not exchange the same feelings.

After all this, Lysander and I started having a small conversation. He wants to marry me! We promised to meet in the woods, run away where no one could tell us to move apart. How exciting! I get to be with the man I know I am destined to be with, to spend the rest of my life with, and to love. I know we will be happy. Although I am sad to have to leave father, I must do what I must do. If he cannot approve this marriage, then so be it, I will run away.



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