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Essay Preview: 1830's

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Life in the United States in the 1830's was sectional, the south was set on farming the north was industrialized and the west was expanding. The United States was starting to become a mature country stable economically with its process of making the raw materials in the south and west and then processing and shipping them in the north to make large profits. The reactions of Manifest Destiny were political, economical and positive and negative effects.

The phrase "Manifest Destiny" is the belief that it is Americans god given right to expand and grow and bring religion to people who were more "backwards" than themselves. The term was coined in 1845 by journalist John L. O'Sullivan in his essay titled "Annexation". Americans believed that they were the only people in the world who had the right and blessing of god to settle land everywhere. Even the government believed in manifest destiny, President Polk tried to buy Cuba and Mexico but failed and started war instead. Manifest Destiny was an explanation or justification for that expansion and westward movement and in some instances an ideology or doctrine which helped to promote the process

One reaction of Manifest Destiny was political; politicians began to change their views on expansion. Before the idea of Manifest Destiny came along politicians didn't always have great reasons for expanding west, but afterwards they just claimed Manifest Destiny and everyone agreed. This became a tool of politicians as propaganda to get more support from people so they could stay in office longer and in better standards.

Another reaction of Manifest Destiny was economical it caused people to move west to start new lives and communities. The communities that were started grew and strengthened the United States, this made the country stronger physically and economically It created more recourses and extended the nations power. Another economical standpoint was that the expansion was only possible by people who left the east to go west, once these people left they did two things. They bought supplies helping stores and they left open jobs which were then able to be filled by others, these jobs were then filled by other people keeping the system going and the country producing and expanding at the same time.

A negative reaction of Manifest Destiny was the negative effects it had on Native Americans. Manifest Destiny had serious consequences for American Indians; the United States purchased land by treaty from the Indian tribes and later went back on them illegally. National policy was that Indians were to be pushed farther west sot they could become civilized without the effects of the white man, but this didn't work because Manifest Destiny cause the United States extend to the pacific ocean,



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