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'The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper, is about a woman that is trying to escape the man orient society that she is living in. So, during the summer he husband has rented this "colonial mansion, of romantic felicity,"(594) for the summer trying to get his wife over this "temporary nervous depression,"(595) and feels that fresh air will do her some good. She wanted to say down stairs but he feels that upstairs is a better idea that they stay up stairs. This is showing that men rule the world and whatever they say goes. So, they up stirs they are staying in this "big, airy room, the whole floor nearly, windows that looks all ways, and air and sunshine glory," (595), because the husband feels that sunlight and fresh air will do his wife some good and help her get back to normal health faster. Because during this time period the woman wasn't really aloud to get sick and her main job was to take care of the house and children and this shows that she has lacked her position of the wife all because her husband does not trust his wife, at this point at time. All the wife wants is husbands to understand her and see her for who she is and he just ignores her and not worry herself with any problems and that her main goal in life right now is get better.

The room that they are staying in has bars on the all the windows, there is this dull colored wallpaper that is hung in sections on the wall and the bed is nailed to floor. The husband leaves his wife in this room all day and there isn't much that she can do but just look out the window. So, one day she secrlty mange to get a rope in the room that she was going to hang her self with. But, she failed at this mission because she couldn't reach something high enough. This shows that the man orient world has once again keep a woman under their thumb. The more she is keep in this room and the more time she spends by herself the worst she getting.

Then one day as she is looking at the wallpaper she begins to see images. First, she sees begins to see patterns that are fugues. Fugues can repent that woman that are trying to be different because fugues came all different colors. Then on the outside pattern she sees mushrooms. A mushroom repents men that killed a person because they can be deadly. Then the more she really begins to look at the wallpaper she sees this woman inside the pattern and the bars are on the outside pattern is man. And the woman feels that she must help this woman break free. This repents that woman in wallpaper is herself and the bar is her husband that is trying to keep his wife inside this world. So, she begins to tear down the wallpaper trying help this woman break free. Then at night she really begins to see that there are heads of woman that have begin cut off from the bars. So this repent that woman have be trying to escape but right before they think they have mange to back free the bar the men have cut the heads off of woman. Aldo, the nanny, Jenny, has been caught looking at the wallpaper herself and been heard saying that herself would also like to tear down the wallpaper herself.



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