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“Cause” Persuasive Essay: The Rights Of A Child

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Essay Preview: “Cause” Persuasive Essay: The Rights Of A Child

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Marry Nguyen

2B вЂ" English III


“Cause” Persuasive essay: The Rights of a Child

What country are we living in right now? Where are we going everyday as kids ages from 6 to 18? Yes, we are living in the United States of America, the country of freedom. Where there is public education provided and education valued, but what exactly are we getting educated atвЂ"the basics? No, it is merely the fundamental surface of things.

The media news on TV is a mass communication across countries broadcasting the latest and updated news. We see a man and a woman behind a desk respectively announcing the current events about our society, and we all accept the given information as facts. For an example, examine these news clips:

“Girls who are educated are less likely to get HIV/AIDS, and in this country which has such a pandemic, we have to begin to change the pandemic,” she said.

“She said she decided to build the academy in South Africa rather than the United States out of love and respect for Mandela and because of her own African roots.”


'Why didn't you do this for children in America?'

Her reply: "Because we have a school system in America ... There's no 12-year-old girl in America that you're going to find crying because this is the last year for her education because nobody can afford to send her to school. You want to give the gift to the person who's going to love it the most." _____________________________________________________________

The NPR has a very brief description of the benevolent Opera Winfrey opening a school in South Africa. Perhaps from this short article, we as readers can conclude that she simply just wanted to lend a hand to the kids in South Africa, however there is far more to the story then a reach for education, it is the “change the face of a nation” that wasn’t mentioned properly, then from the second article of MSNBC. Addition to the MSNBC news clip, how true is the second quote? With the USA interview backing up a different perspective to what was stated in the MSNBC article. One thing all these articles have is that they all have stated “Oprah's $40 millionвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚Ñœ

Money is an important factor behind all these charitable acts. It makes the world go around as the old saying goes. It makes things happen with effort that dreams can come true for whatever the goal can be. Money is not something attainable, but simply recognition from others to recognize their goal as an accomplishment. Money can make a big difference.

United States of America is said to value education and the social life for the people through social security, but is this just a cover for the people to be manipulated? For this problem in the 1989,



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