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University Of Phoenix

Yossi Del Valle

Introduction to Effective Written Communication Comm/105

Instructor Susan Wind



Are consumers ready for HDTV? In today's household according to USA Today (2006) "The average American home now has more Television sets than People". According to Nielsen Media Research "There are 2.73 T.V. sets in the typical home and 2.55 people"(para 1). HDTV (High Definition Television) is the new Technology for Television sets. Television has been around for about 75 years. It has change dramatically from a radio size T.V. to a 102 inch Flat Panel Wall mounting T.V. "High Definition television is the highest form of digital television. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio which; is the same as a Movie Theater screen". (Matthew Torres 2007). Choosing the right T.V. is very important from brand names, prices, color, and size. These factors determine if a change in the living room for an HDTV from the standard tube television. According to Nielsen Media Research (2006) "An average person watches 4 hours of T.V. during the day".(para 2)

Resolution is what makes HD. It's a set of capable lines that brings pictures into the T.V. screen. The more lines the television has the better picture and quality. HDTV also brings the capability of theater quality audio because most use Dolby Digital Surround Sound, which are offered in movie theaters. Resolution are offered in three stages 720p 1080i and 1080p. Stated by (Mattew torres 2007) "The numbers are the amounts of lines embedded within the signal. The letter describes the type of scan the television uses. The (i) means Interlaced and the (p) means Progressive". Richard Huff (2007) states "The average U.S. household gets a record 104.2 television channels these days, but watches an average only slightly more than 15 of them, according to a new survey from Nielsen Media Research".

Cable companies are now involved and focusing on HD Technology not only on television but everything else. Companies announcing soon cell phones, cameras, video cameras and much more will carry the HD as the Technology grows. HDTV is offered in two platforms LCD and Plasma. According to glossary LCD is define as "Liquid Crystal Display, a display which consist of two polarizing transparent panels and a liquid crystal surface sandwiched in between". Plasma is defined as "Flat Panel Display technology that ignites small pockets of gas to phosphors". Many have question which is Champion. It all depends of the consumer. Plasma T.V's. are offered in various screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 63 inches, as LCD range from 13 inches to 45 inches. Both are expensive for consumer's to afford all depending on what the needs are. LCD is consider a lighter model from their weight as Plasmas are fairly heavy, usually being tricky to install and having them installed by professionals that are offer at local electronic stores (Firedog, Greek Squad) for an additional $150 to $250 fee. Another advantage the HDTV offers stated by (Tom Krazit 2006) "Flat panels televisions are taking over the world, according to executives speaking here at the DisplaySearch FPD Conference on Wednesday. Old CRT (cathorde-ray tube) Televisions are quickly becoming obsolete as high definition LCD and Plasma televisions turn heads with High Definition images".

HDTV was never offered to everyday consumers when they first came to the U.S. around 1995, 1996 ranging in prices of $10,000. Throughout the years and more consumers leaning toward HD prices have declined. An LCD television can be price at $125 to $850 for


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