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Future Trends Of Broadband

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With new and advancing technology, coming out each and every day it seems, the future of broadband is constantly changing. Broadband is shaping the world as we know it. According to, every small to medium business will need broadband to survive, most tele-workers will need broadband, and broadband makes every PC as powerful as the world's largest super computers.

With all this new power the world as we know it is being changed. However broadband does appear to be trending in a particular direction. Right now one of the biggest future trends in broadband is a service which is being offered by Verizon. This new service is called Fios.

Fios is touted to be the latest in fiber optic technology. It delivers laser generated pulses of light, riding on hair thin strands of glass fiber, all the way to your front door( Verizon has already begun to install this system in parts of California, Florida, and Texas.

Along with this new technology, Verizon prices stand to rewrite the competitive landscape for broadband technology. Fios will be offered in 3 separate packages, 5, 15, and 30 Mbit speeds. The prices will run respectively at 39.95, 49.95, and the 30 Mbit price has yet to be announced (Extreme Tech). With prices and speeds like this we as consumers should begin to see other companies trying to out do one another.

Fios will not just be able to be used for internet access. It will be able to handle your standard voice services and Verizon has already announced that they will be adding a Fios Video service which will allow consumers to have more options other than cable TV.

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