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Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group

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Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design        3

Chapter 2 - Analyzing the Business Case        6

Chapter 3 - Managing Systems Projects        9

Chapter 4 - Requirements Modeling        10

Chapter 5 - Data and Process Modeling        13

Chapter 6 - Object Modeling        16

Chapter 7 - Development Strategies        19

Chapter 8 - User Interface Design        22

Chapter 9 - Data Design        24

Chapter 10 - System Architecture        25

Chapter 11 - Managing Systems Implementation        26

Chapter 12 - Managing Systems Support and Security        28

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design

  1. Business Profile.

New Century Wellness Group’s mission is to provide a holistic approach to health care. They provide preventative medicine, fitness, as well as well as traditional medical care.

The owners, Dr. Jones and Dr. Garcia, are internal medicine specialists, and have a staff of four primary care physicians, one nurse practitioner, four physical therapists, one registered nutritionist, eight nurses, and eight support staff people.

The Group’s has 8,000 patients from 325 different employers, many of which provide insurance coverage for employee wellness and health maintenance, and accept insurance plans from 25 licensed health insurance providers.

There is competition, but no other clinic currently provides the same range of services they offer.

Due to continued growth, they are in need of a more modern information system to support their business and health information management needs.  They are also considering opening another location near a new medical center.

(see organizational chart on page 2)

  1. Business Processes.

Business Process Description

Who is Responsible

Data required;

Information generated.

Hiring new employees

Fred Brown


Employee data for payroll

Payroll, tax reporting, profit distribution

Corinne Summers

Employee status/hours/contracts with medical professional employees;

Payroll checks/employee W2

Medical record maintenance

Susan Gifford

Medical records (paper or digital)/forms/doctor’s notes;

Accurately updated records.

Accounts Receivable

Tom Capaletti

Bank transactions/ patient payments / insurance payments;

Past due statements/ monitoring reports.

Insurance Billing

Tammy Alipio

Medical records/ insurance policies and deductibles;

Claims submitted to insurance companies/bills submitted to the patient.

Patient Appointments and monitoring

Carla Herrera

Clinic Patient information/ doctor’s appointment schedule/ dates & hours of clinic operation;

Daily appointment list/ reminder calls to patients.

        Table 1: business processes at New Century Wellness Group.

New Century Wellness Group

[pic 1]

Figure 1:  Organizational Chart.

  1. Recommendation:

I would recommend they purchase an ERP system for their needs. ERP systems come with modules that are integrated together, thus one buys only what they need and/or can afford, but can then ‘upgrade’ later when the business changes or expands. Healthcare is a complex and highly regulated business and an ERP system would be kept up to date over time and also provide the interoperability between clinic functions which would lead to increased employee productivity and morale.

  1. Systems Development Method.

I would recommend a structured analysis approach if purchasing an ERP system. An ERP system’s modules could be implemented in phases and allow for a more gradual and less intrusive implementation plan.




Structured Analysis

Traditional & popular method that is well suited to project management tools and techniques.

Delays and cost overruns due to requirements changing; applications becoming obsolete before they are implemented.

O-O Analysis

Integrates with OO programming languages; modules can be cloned using inherited properties.

Less familiar to development teams; interaction of objects and classes can become complex in larger systems.


Offers flexibility during design when changes are needed; increased collaboration between teams during development.

Dynamic and fluid approach requires effective control and leadership; lack of formal documentation of the design can lead to future complications.

Table 2: Systems Development Methods

Chapter 2 - Analyzing the Business Case

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

        An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual. The EMR represents a medical record within a single facility, such as a doctor's office or a clinic.


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