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Why Do People Migrate?

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Why do people migrate?

Thousands of people over the world leave their homeland every year to journey to he United States, a country that offers them better opprotunities than thei countries of origin. Why do these people leave their native country? There are many different reasons why particular immigrants emigrate to the United States. Economic, personal or political reasons may have convinced these people to immigrate to the United States. The common understandings of why immigrants come to the United States are discussed. Some of the reasons are more obvious than others are, but they are all recognized as factors that cause people to emigrate.

A popular cause of immigration among people coming from poor and undeveloped countries is the condition of the immigrant's homeland. Many immigrants are coming from countries where living conditions are bad and unemployment is high. If they do have a job the wages are very low and they can't provide for their families. "At 4.25 an hour, the U.S. minimum wage is approximately six times the prevailing one in Mexico, which is, in turn, higher than most in Central America." Who would not pack up and leave with those kind of wages available right across the border. The need for workers for unskilled jobs is very high in the United States so the immigrants know they can get a job. Not only would they be able to find a job, they would get paid rather generously compared to what they were usually used to get. The people that immigrate basically just want to live a better life. If they see that is possible over in the United States, they are going to go for it. For some immigrants it is an easy choice of basic survival, if they can not find a job they know they could go to the U.S. and find one in a second. Immigrants see the United States as a land of opportunity and prosperity and they want to be a part of that.

The United States itself is one of the major reasons that so many immigrants come here; because it offers things that are not offered by the immigrant's home country. It is not just jobs and wages it is much more. In the United States the people are provided with so many things that seem ordinary to American citizens, but to some immigrants it is unimaginable. The United States has good health care programs, which a lot of poor countries do not have. In many cases people need medical treatment and they can not receive it, in the United States medical care is easily accessible. The United States has welfare programs for those that are having financial problems and need some assistance. The United States also has unemployment programs to help the citizens. If you really can not find a job you are given some monetary help until you can get a job. The way the government helps out the people that are in need is one of the reasons that the United States is such a good country. Not all countries have programs that help out the citizens like the United States does, that is one of the reasons that immigrants are turned on to the United


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