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The origin of the term whistle blowing is uncertain. It may refer to English policemen blowing whistles to alert others to an illegal act or to sports referees stopping a game due to a rule infraction. The term began to be used in a way relevant to science, technology, and ethics in the 1960s and became part of the common vocabulary as a result of Ralph Nader's investigative activities during the 1970s. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a whistleblower as "one who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority," but a more detailed analysis of the term is appropriate.

Based on the above definition, it is possible to distinguish between internal and external whistle blowing. Internal whistle blowing occurs when the hierarchical chain of command within an organization is violated, so that one's immediate superiors are bypassed, perhaps because they have refused to act or are themselves involved in the wrongdoing. The whistle blowing is internal, however, because it stays within the organization. External whistle blowing refers to going outside the organization, possibly to a regulatory agency, the press, or directly to the public

For example, Daniel Ellsberg is the most famous whistle blower in United States history because he was the one who leaked the Pentagon Papers setting in motion actions that would eventually topple the Nixon presidency and end the Vietnam War. These papers basically showed the American people had been deceived about Vietnam and that there was corruption in the government which shortened the Nixon presidency and help end the Vietnam War. If it hadn't done that the war would have probably gone on a lot longer and would have caused the loss of many more lives for pointless reasons. This is a good example of why it is important to whistle blow because after Daniel Ellsberg whistle blew the public support of the war eroded causing the war to come to a pre mature end. (Wartergate/

Whistle blowing is turning out to be very important in the world at large. This is because the amount of corruption in the world today. If people don't whistle blow when there is a violation of the law or fraudulent act then there is little chance of the world as a whole moving forward and things getting better in places such as Africa.

It will be hard to wipe out corruption in the world, but at least with whistle blowing we can minimise it and help bring it out to an all time low. By blowing the whistle on acts such as racism, and corruption people rights will be looked at and maintained. Sexual harassment on the part of women and money paid as bribe to get better job positions will be reduced through people blowing the whistle. The health and safety of employees will be enhanced through whistleblowers. An example is in the manufacturing industry, when a company's secret becomes known to the general public. It will go a long way to take necessary precautions in producing the products and improve quality.



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