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Teens' Decreasing Morality

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Nowadays everything is changing and developing in an incredible speed.More and more scientific achievements are made. More and more modern technologies are used,…That certainly affects our life so much. The more modern technologies are, the more easily people get information all over the world. However, people, especially the teens they tend to make friends with bad information rather than good and useful ones. That leads to the fact that there are more teens that are doing bad things than good things. Instead of doing what people feel is right, they decide to follow the crowd and do what is wrong. It means that teen morality is now decreasing. It is manifested through the way they behave to their parents and through their lifestyle.

Firstly, the way teenagers behave to their parents is not good. Instead of doing good things such as : learning hard, helping their parents with the housework, going to school everyday,…they do bad things, they pretend to be a good child or they cheat their parents. They do so because they don’t want to effort, they don’t want to do anything, they are lazy yet they still can receive rewards or praising words from their parents. Many teens nowadays they act as if they go to school everyday but in fact they don’t go there ;instead of going to school, they go to somewhere to play, to entertain or to have a party,…Their parents just think that they’re good children even give rewards or more pocket money to them. At home, they also make cheats to their parents. They pretend that they study very hard. They spend hours in the room on their own purposes not studying. Their parents hardly know that. That’s the ways teens do in order to cheat their parents for rewards, praising words or permission,…What will happen if they want more from their parents, especially something they want? The answer is that they will tell lie to their parents. For instance, they want a new and expensive Ipod, and despite of the fact that their parents do not give them money for buying it, they will of course make up something, especially things related to money. The most popular one is the tuition fee. Teens will tell their parents that they have to pay a “tuition fee” which is much bigger than the real amount they have to pay. This is not the most effective way teens use to achieve their purposes. Recently,in our country, teens usually use the way so-called “leaving home”. It will be absolutely effective when they had left their home and their parents were really worried about them. When teens do something wrong at school, they are afraid of the punishment they have to get from their parents, they will use this way by threatening their parents that : “If you hit me or shout at me, I will leave home again”.

Secondly, the teens’ decreasing morality is shown clearly through their appearance and lifestyle. When you first meet a teen in our country today; what is the most outstanding and worst points you can see in their appearance? It is very clear that they are the way they dress and the way they talk to others. The way boy teens dress has no problems but recently more and more girls don’t know how to dress in a right way. If they attend a funeral, they still wear sexy clothes which are not totally not suitable in such moments and places. Moreover, they tend to use wearing style with short shirts, it means that people around can know what size of their underwear is and what trademark it is or even sometimes people can see clearly some part of their bottom.It’s really horrible.It is not the worst point of their appearance but the way teens talk to others.They always use cuss words these days.In the past ten years,about 5-10 years,the number of teens who use swearing words not much.And only boys did it,there were few girls doing it.But nowadays,more girls do that.Teens cuss,swear very loudly in public where there are many adults and old people.But they do as if it is the right thing and they don’t have to be shy for that.Besides appearance,their way of living also help people reveal their decreasing morality.Recent years,the number of teens having sex before marriage is increasing more and more.In American,there is


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