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Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

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"Hillary for President"

The candidate for president that I most strongly agree with is Senator Hillary Clinton. She has nearly the same views on most of the issues that I do. Not everybody will agree completely with the candidate they are supporting, but as long as the candidate supports the majority's best interest then that itself makes for a good candidate. This is why I chose her as my candidate for president. She seems to have her mind made up on how she is going to get most things done and how to complete certain projects that have already been put into motion by the current president. She seems to have a head strong attitude which I see as a good thing considering the current state of the nation which is something we may need in the coming years.

A lot of people think that just because her husband is campaigning with her, or as they may see it "for her" means that she will not be in charge if she makes it into office. I believe otherwise because she is very knowledgeable on every topic of concern during the debates and caucuses. Just because her husband is helping out doesn't mean things won't get done. I see her as a task oriented individual who will follow through with everything she starts, but most importantly make everything she starts attainable. I believe that having her husband campaign with her is a good thing because he has a strong knowledge of what the presidency will be like considering he served two terms as president. I wasn't old enough to vote for him when he ran for president both times, but if I was I would have definitely voted for him as well. To me the two of them working together would be one of the best things that happened to this country. I strongly see this as strength rather than weakness considering between the two of them they have more knowledge of what is going on and how to fix or amend it than any single candidate could.

This is quite possibly the most diverse and exciting election ever and I it is about time that people let go of the sexist belief that women cannot do as much as men. Just because some men see them as a weaker gender doesn't actually mean they are. I think it is about time we give a women a chance to lead the country as opposed to men who have had no competition from them. I think we all might be surprised how well one might actually do in the highest form of political office. Given the chance, I think Clinton will rise to the occasion and not only do well but actually make a change for the good of the economy which has really taken a beaten lately. I think that is a part of what drives her to strive for change is the animosity and disbelief in her. I feel that she really wants to do well and she is using the belief that a woman can't do a man's job as fuel for the fire. You can tell she really wants to make a difference by her stance on the issues that are the most pertinent like, education, the war in Iraq, healthcare, and immigration.

Clinton takes a very firm stand on making healthcare readily and easily available to everyone. She states that if you already have private insurance nothing will affect you unless you want something else (US Senate 2007). Her plan is to have almost all businesses to provide insurance or to contribute to the cost of it. She is doing this by offering tax credits for small business and subsidies for low income families This is to ensure that insurance is readily available to families or individuals whose jobs did not help to cover the cost of insurance (On the Issues 2007). To me this sounds like a great idea to help maintain the economy by providing health insurance to people who found it unattainable by reducing the cost. I do feel that there is one drawback to this plan and that is that everyone is required to have health insurance. Even though she makes it more affordable I don't agree that everyone will be able obtain it. I do believe that the problem could be solved if she could find a way to bring business back to the United States and not send it to foreign countries. This would create jobs, help stabilize and strengthen the economy, and make sure everyone who wanted health insurance was able to obtain it. She also plans to provide tax credit and cuts to families to make paying their premiums easier and to save money (Hillary Clinton 2007).

Another big issue that she has a plan to help enforce immigration. Although I support immigration, I also realize how much it hurts the economy. Many of the immigrants that come to America undergo all the necessary steps and go through all the lawful channels. By taking this step they help keep the economy strong by working at the same wage as any other documented work will. While this is true there are those that have come to this country illegally to work and have not attempted to obtain legal status. There also employers who exploit this by hiring illegal immigrants to work for less money than what they would have paid someone who is a legal resident. By hiring illegal immigrants the employer makes more money by not offering benefits, pay increases, or insurance. Due to this many Americans cannot find jobs or will lose their jobs in favor of "cheap labor". The tasks that the immigrants perform are ones that most Americans would not considering carrying out. With Clinton's plan of action it will make it harder for employers to employ illegal immigrants by developing new technology that requires them to register everyone that works for them (Hillary Clinton 2007). By doing this extra check on workers it ensures that illegal immigrants cannot find a job until they have gone through all the proper channels required to become legal citizens. This will ensure that immigrants that are here now illegally will find it easier and more readily available to become citizens as well as guarantee them a decent wage and benefits. She also wants to implement a plan to document everyone entering the country to ensure a safe America as a stated in a speech in early 2007 "After


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