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School Prayer

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Prayer or No Prayer?

There are many different issues that are constantly discussed in political issues. One issue that is often brought to light is the issue of public prayer in schools. I feel that it is something that needs to allowed. Our pledge of allegiance says, One nation, under God, and with liberty and justice for all. If our children are allowed to cite this at school, why are they not allowed to publicly pray? The ability to express themselves is something that every child needs. I certainly understand that there are children of different religions in every class, but they should all be able to express themselves instead of keeping them silent. I also understand that everyone has their own opinion on how God should be worshiped, but that is not a valid reason to kick God out of the foundation of our country, our schools and our youth. There should not be a ban on public prayer in schools. Everyone should be able to choose to publicly pray or choose not to publicly pray without prejudice.

The thing that really bothers me about our nation and this issue is its relying on prayer when times are bad. After September 11th, all you would hear was 'God Bless America.' Now, to me, this is a little contradictory. Everyone was expressing their faith in God publicly then, but they can not do it in school. The government is quick to give us the opportunity to pray in times of great need. This definitely sends a mixed message to our children. It shows them that they realize the need for prayer, but they do not want them praying publicly. Children do not really understand that. The government should realize that you can not let public prayer be fine when it is a time of distress, but when times are good deny them of their privilege to publicly pray.

The other thing that I must say is that it denies them of their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment allows you freedom of speech.


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