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Conflicts Management

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Sree Harsha Challapally

Valparaiso University

March 2017

Conflict Management Skills

Conflicts are common in regular part of work that deals with our connections. We can’t expect two persons mingle perfectly in every situation. Since they are very common it is necessary to learn on how to manage them. If it’s not handled in a correct manner it might hurt the relationship. When a conflict is handled in a positive manner, it will open door to development and improve bonding between the individuals. By learning the principles to manage conflicts, we can progress ourselves to strong determination and growth.

The Principles of Conflict Resolution:

Conflicts emerge from contrasts. It occurs at whatever point people disagree over their values, inspirations, recognitions, thoughts, or cravings. There are different conflicts we may see, It can be reason of strong personal feeling or the reason to get determined as a respected and valuable person, it is our necessary to handle them in a correct manner.

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Characteristics of Health and Unhealthy Conflicts:

Unhealthy responses to conflict are recognized by:

  • When we fail to recognize the value and importance of a person
  • Negative responses to the resolution
  • The discrimination, hate and lack of thought.
  •  The result of wrong answer
  • The fear and discard of resolution.

Healthy responses to conflict are recognized by:

  • Responding to questions during important situations
  • Giving reasons to forgive and forget
  •  The decision making to not behaving rude and not punishing
  • A judgement where the mediator listen to both sides of conflict        

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The people when facing a conflict rarely use the correct words of thought and rather focus on what their heart willing to say. When we keenly listen to what people are saying, we also feel their reason for the conflict and share their emotions with them . Listening to their reasons to conflict will help to educate us and also helps us in taking a better decision on the conflict resolution.

Tips for resolution of conflicts:

The role for managing and resolving the conflict requires a lot of decision making, self-control and character development. It could be tricky, baffling, and terrifying. We can make sure to provide a proper conflict resolution by following some fundamental principles of conflict resolution:

  • The connection should be our first preference. We should work on preserving the strength of the relationship rather than winning the argument, should always be your first need. We should consider and value other person’s person view of point.
  • We should focus on the present scenario. If we focus on the past hurts and conflicts, our capacity of giving better judgement will be defected. Rather than focusing on the previous conflicts and blame on their past will not resolve the conflict, so we have to focus on the current situation.
  • Focus on the conflict. They consume lots of time and energy. It is okay to argue over a parking space if you are circling there over 15 minutes. But if you are willing to argue for it even after you have more parking spots then the conflict is not justified. You should be willing to forgive rather than holding grudge. It is difficult to resolve a conflict if you are not willing to pardon and move on away from the conflict. The determination lies in releasing the urge to conflict and get pardon, we have to prepare from having additional damage to our lives and learn to move on from the conflict that helps in improving the strength and growth to the opportunities in life.
  • We should know when to leave something. On the off chance that you can't come to an assertion, agree to disagree.  If you feel that the conflict is not showing any signs to resolve, we should prepare over selves to disengage from the conflict and move on with our lives.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence 

Quick Stress Relief

Playful Communication

Emotional Awareness

Nonverbal Communication

Conflict Resolution

The ability to resolve conflicts emphatically and with certainty is the fifth of five essential Passionate intelligence skills. Together, the five skills of passionate insight help you build Strong relationships, overcome challenges, and succeed at work and in life.


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