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My Philosophy On Life

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Do you ever wonder why you are put into situations that you don't know how to deal with? Would it disappear if you just closed your eyes to the many lights that life produces? Well most cases it doesn't, the light is shining in your eyes like the sun and you have to deal with it. Sometimes I wonder why I act the way I do, and why I have to deal with situations that aren't always the most comforting. You think you have something, but you realize that you have nothing on that one piece of life's puzzle. When you sit down to think in silence about the world revolving around you, you realize that piece is near you. However, it is not close enough to grab with your hand or heart. You want to react with your mind, but your heart seers you in other directions that you weren't ready for. When you think that you have found that perfect piece to complete the puzzle, you second-guess yourself about it. Is it really the prefect piece that will make the puzzle stronger, or are there other pieces that are better? Your mind runs faster than you can handle and it makes you think about the other pieces in the puzzle. Are the other pieces going to slowly come apart too or are they glued together and stable? You wonder that maybe-other pieces the perfect ones either, which gives you even more questions. Then you look at every piece individually and see how those pieces make you happy or sad. That one piece that brings you joy everyday knowing that it will be with you indefinitely. You dream at night about that one piece because you know it is the perfect piece to the puzzle that you can rely on. There are many pieces that allow ones mind to question, but you seem to glue that one piece into the puzzle. Some days the pieces all fit together, but other days, most pieces are scattered among others. One day brings hope, joy, confidence and happiness, but the next moment, it brings sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness. It takes time to find these pieces to build the puzzle back to stability, but you find it easier to just forget about those negative pieces, You look back on those pieces, the good and the bad and sometimes wonder if you could have them back for just one day. You miss what those pieces brought to your life when they were positive, and tend to forget why they wondered away. Once you remember, you question your judgement. Life is full of many questions and situations that allow you to grow and find the perfect pieces in your life.

It is important to learn, live, forgive and forget. Learn from past experiences, mature and move on. Forgive everyone for everything because you never know what can happen later today or tomorrow. Forget your differences with others because not everyone is the same, they are all unique people who are valuable in your life. You meet everyone for a reason, it could be to help put together the puzzle, or help you find those missing, imperfect pieces. Live life for yourself, don't think about what is right for everyone else because you are the one who has to live life with the consequences. Be who you are and not what others want you to become, you are a unique individuals who deserves nothing but the best. Life is an experience that should be fun, not depressing. Always remember who you are because you are you. This is how life was meant to be for you and you should live life to the fullest everyday. You can never get back yesterday and you can't live for tomorrow. Day by day, you grow, live and learn. This life is yours and no one else's, so live how you want to so that the puzzle can put itself together with no missing pieces.

Knowing yourself

Self-knowledge is an important aspect in life. It is also one of the hardest tasks because you constantly question your judgement. Trying to find out who you are, what you want, and how you can go about doing it, takes time. You are who you are, and nobody can change anything about you. You know yourself, your limits and goals so you choose the distance you are willing to travel to accomplish them. It is up to you if you want to change something about you because you have to want the change. Other people aren't going to carry or change you, to make everything easier. It is important to know that you cannot change everything about you in one day, some things take time to achieve. Don't get down if things aren't changing as quickly as you want, just try hard everyday so that you are on the right track for tomorrow.

Learn to love you for you. You are that unique person in this world for a reason. Everyday you learn new things and experience new situations that help you grow as an individual. They help you to realize how important you are in this world and to others. You have to love yourself, if you don't, you may have a hard time allowing others to. You have to respect yourself. Without self-respect, you will not receive it from others. Respect your mind and body through confidence and willingness to learn. If you believe in yourself for who you are and what you can do, you will feel better about approaching everyday and situations. TO gain confidence though, takes time to achieve and it is more than just an "extra jump in your step." Sometimes repeated positive actions or comments make you feel great about yourself. It may be harder than that to find out what gives you the confidence you need. Learn to love yourself for the person on the inside rather than the outside. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have, and it will take you farther in life than what you look like on the outside. Live and learn as you face adversity and think positive to ensure today is the better yesterday.


Do you ever wonder how you were blessed with such great friends in life? Some come and go, but they all have a significant part in your life. You may have lost friends in life due to different reasons, but remember that for every great friend you lose, another comes along in life. Each friend individually, helps you to learn more about life's lessons and move on. They teach you a great deal about who you are. Sometimes they give you an insight on how you want to be or how you don't want to be. It helps you grow and learn. You experience friends at different levels and at different times in life. In some cases, you have that great friend from childhood or school that knows you sometimes better than you know yourself. They know the true you, appreciate


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