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Review Of Suhr Modern 24 Fret (Plain Vanilla Version)

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I bought the Metallic Charcoal Grey version at Mannys New York. The rust colored one sounded dead so... even if its a suhr you have to go thru them but maybe not as much as Andersons. I had to go thru 8 Andersons to find a nice sounding one.

One thing I can say about Andersons, they seem to be better made than Suhrs but somehow suhrs are more alive. Andersons sound kind of dead.

Well, its a super strat with a thin but fast neck... will it beat ibanez RGs? yes definitely so. Its better made. Is it a shredder machine? Yes, the neck is thinner than usual but not as thin as Ibanez but yet faster. Can any Ibanez super shred guitar beat this guitar in the shredder area? Nope. This guitar is better balanced but more importantly, it makes you feel that there is no guitar that obstructs your hands and body. Its like air guitar. You just notice that your hands and arms are positioned so ideally.

Ok so what goes for Ibanez, i think the Ibanez headstock looks better and the old edge tremolo might be better than the gotoh bridge on the Suhr. By the way, based on my limited experience with Ibanez -- I only deal with MIJ Ibanez, I have not found an exceptional sounding ibanez. On the other hand, out of four suhrs I have tried, two of them sounded above average and exceptional.

As people know me, this guitar will still be modified heavily in terms of hardware and electronics. Not too impressed with Suhr Aldrich humbuckers as much as I still like BK pickups because of the cut.

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