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Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

Organizational behavior is basically how the organization work together for their vision

and goals. The organization could be my job or working on something with a group of

people with the same goals. My behavior plays a very big roll in my organization. I have

to know what to do and how to do it correctly. The most important one is how to

communicate well with my fellow co-workers or team mates. To show a level of respect

to get it back is more than likely needed to be used and comprehended by the workers.

The organization can be affected if the members does not work with each other to get a

well done job. The whole concept of organizational behavior is to improve the

performance of the people, organizations, groups and the quality of work overall. It is

there to create goods, make profit or to help customers in time of need.

Organizational culture is the personality of the organization. It is the way an organization

do things and what they are, for example hospitals and schools. They are different

because they do different things. There are three types of cultures, academy culture,

baseball team culture and club culture. The academy culture is the organizational culture

that are highly skilled and work well to stay on task. This culture consists of hospitals,

universities and large corporations. The baseball culture are the employees known as free

agents, who are in high demands and are at the high risk organizations. These are

investments, banking and advertisement. The other culture is the club culture, this require

the employees to fit in. They start at the bottom and stay with the organization until it

reaches the top, these are military and law firms. Organizational culture is about the

system of beliefs that the organization has. It helps out with the business setting and

everything else the organization does.

Diversity is almost the same thing as a culture. It is dealt with the gender, religion, age

and national origin. It is important that the employee in the organization understands the

diversity of it. Diversity is all about respect, treating each other right and striving for the

best. Without these elements a organization is not an organization. Diversity shows how

much strength the organization has. The employees must always show constructive work,

relation and show that they can to anything together.

Communication is a process in which people exchange information.


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