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Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts

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In my understanding organizational behavior is the manner people interact in a work environment. By study organizational behavior, we can understand each other better and find a way to work together. Organizational rely on individual to develop products, or provide services, and manage organization. So, understanding individual can help produce quality work. According to an article in Organizational Behavior by Schermerhorn in Pg 8, people intend to stay with an organization offer good benefit that will fit their personal and financial needs.

Organizational culture is an organization's value, beliefs, and actions. Every organization has difference culture. Organizational culture influenced by education, economic, religion, and life style. We can understand an organization culture by study the history of an organization to give itself a better version of the future. We will learn from the failure and not make the same mistake twice. In HR Magazine (2006), an organization with high quality performance work will increase the quality of the product, and it can see through an organization's finance report.

Diversity is people that are have difference age, background, and life style work together in an organization. In some point, they have same goal. Diversity gives an organization a better understanding of the client want. Every one has difference experience. When you combine every one's idea together, you will have quality outcome. Casino and hotel in Las Vegas bring in diversity of employee to work for them help them bring in diversity customer. The study in AAOHN Journal find out by 2008, the Hispanic Men (7.1%) will be the largest minority group nonwhite work force in United States. Black women (6.6%) will be the second. Asians and Pacific Islanders, American Indians, Alaska Natives will be 5.7%.

Communication is sending and receiving information from other. When you are sending message out, you also want to hear what other have to say. A good communication is other understands the message you are sending out and able to give the feedback. Recently, Mandalay Hotel gives out an employee survey. But, the survey shows only 35% of the employee participants in the survey. That is a way that an organization tried to communication with the employee. Communication needs a speaker and a listener. It doesn't


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