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Money Or Your Life

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A thought popped in my head as I was half way through the readings for this assignment and I wanted to share it with you. This is my last class until I graduate. I was supposed to take this course last semester and I waited because I had a lot going on in my life the past few months. This class is so much more beneficial to me now because I am in the "real world" and have been in it for awhile now. If I was to take this class while I was still going to college I really wouldn't have gotten as much out of it. I think things happen for a reason and I am glad I'm taking this class now. With that said; I will get on to the readingsÐ'...

In chapter 4 of "Your Money or Your Life" the whole concept of how much is enough is very interesting to me. The idea is finding fulfillment. In order to find fulfillment you need to find what you are looking for out of life. What are your dreams, what is your purpose in life? I have always had many dreams throughout my life. I also know that there is a purpose for me to be here on earth. Yet I still don't know what exactly I want to do career wise. I am still looking for that exact purpose for me to be here. I strongly feel that you find this with experience. You need to get out there and experiment, absorb all the knowledge you get from others and your experiences. On page 121 the author discusses purpose. I know that I have a purpose in living. The author says that one way to find your purpose is answering the question, "Why are you doing what you're doing?" I may be a little confused to make my decisions but there is always a purpose if I dig deep enough. There is always a meaning for my actions. I have not found that specific career that is a passionate commitment to me yet. I am determined to discover this mission in life. The steps the book gave on finding your mission I found it to be motivating and very helpful. The first one, work with your passion my mother has taught me throughout life. Do what you love to do and you will lead the happiest life possible. The second step, work with your pain, is deeper. It is true, if there is something that is causing you pain or has caused you pain, than it is healing to reach out to those who are experiencing the same pain and help them. The third step is very realistic, work with what is at hand. I re-worded this step as, live in the moment. Acknowledge what is going on now, and do what needs to be done now. Values are very important to me. It is interesting to think about life energy when purchasing things. A part of financial intelligence is to, "know that if you spend your life energy on stuff that brings only passing fulfillment and doesn't support your values, you end up with less life." I have very strong values that I will carry throughout my life and the essential part of this is keeping my values in tact with all the distractions life can bring. Your actions represent your values. You have choices throughout your life and can choose to act however you feel upon any given situation. Your actions


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