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Forward In Time

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Dear Socrates,

The mission that you sent me on to see the future of Greece suffered somewhat of a malfunction. The time warp didn't take me forward two hundred and fifty years as planned. I'm not exactly sure how much farther forward in time I landed, but to my best approximations I was taken to a land called the United States of America some 2,500 years from now. While I am still not sure of the prospect of Greece, I think I may have retrieved some valuable information from this future society's government, technology and people.

The government from this future society is very intricately woven into the daily lives of the people. The land is best described as a "free land" where the citizens are allowed to have their God-given rights and the government is in place to insure that every person is given those rights. There are no royal families in this land. Government officials are chosen by the people who trust these officials to make laws for them; however the people ultimately have more power over these officials and the government than they hold over the people. One of the most important issues the government faces is upholding a public school system in which the students are children who are taught from the beginning to think for themselves. Every child must go to public school or be learning from a private institution or family and this is something the government holds a very strong hand over. Because of this, the people of this land are very intelligent.

Learning from a very young age and being taught to think for yourself has helped the people to be very creative and understand many things in the universe. Technology will become very advanced over the years. Tools have become so sophisticated that people have become capable of erecting rather large buildings that stand hundreds and sometimes even thousands of feet tall. Even entertainment will become very advanced with technology. People don't have to go to the theater to see a play. In the future, they sit in front of large boxes called "TV's" that show


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