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  • Crusades


    The Wars That Lasted 200 Years The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East. In 1076, the Muslims had captured Jerusalem - the most holy of holy places for Christians. Jesus had been born in nearby Bethlehem

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  • Crusades


    The Crusades or the Ð''Holy Wars' as they are commonly known were a series of attacks that lasted over 200 years and took place during the years 1096 -1291. Specifically selected people led the soldiers into battle. These people were the backbone for the epic war known as the Crusades

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  • Crusades Dbq

    Crusades Dbq

    The crusades occurred in 1095 during the postclassical era just after William the Conqueror had unified England. The fighting was between the Muslims and Christians. Many things contributed to causing the crusades. Religious motivation and political/economical gain were both major factors that caused them. Proof that religious motivation was a

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  • Crusading Movement

    Crusading Movement

    The Crusading movement The Crusades were military expeditions undertaken by Christian Europe between the 11th and the 17th century to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims. The main crusading movement took place between the 11th and 13th century. The word crusade, which is derived from the Latin "Crux" was

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  • Crystal Cave

    Crystal Cave

    People or events that appear very briefly in life may have dramatic effects on the lives of people they touch upon. Basketball coaches from the junior high school level often influence their athletes to take up playing basketball in their high school career. Dying friends often compel people to conduct

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  • Css Hunley

    Css Hunley

    CSS Hunley CSS Hunley is remembered as the first true submarine. Hunley was built in 1863. It was designed and financed by Horace Lawson Hunley, James Mcclintock and Baxter Watson. She was also the first submarine to sink a warship. But she also sank during her follow of an engagement.

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  • Cuba


    The weeks that have elapsed since that fatal event of February 15th have been making history in a manner highly creditable to the American government and to our citizenship. Captain Sigsbee, the commander of the Maine, had promptly telegraphed his desire that judgment should be suspended until investigation had been

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  • Cuba's Achievements In Providing Health Care And Education To The General Public Are Better Thatn Those Of Many Developed Countries. How Has It Managedthis?

    Cuba's Achievements In Providing Health Care And Education To The General Public Are Better Thatn Those Of Many Developed Countries. How Has It Managedthis?

    CUBA'S ACHIEVEMENTS IN PROVIDING HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE BETTER THATN THOSE OF MANY DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. HOW HAS IT MANAGEDTHIS? There may be some question over Fidel Castro's achievements in providing economic success, or democracy to Cuba in the last forty five years or so. However

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  • Cuba: The Castro Effect

    Cuba: The Castro Effect

    Have you ever patronized a Cuban establishment and wondered why they were so passionate to emphasize “Before Castro” when referring to their product? Before the regime of Castro, Cuba was a different place socially, economically, and politically. Before Castro, Cuba was under Spanish rule from the days of discovery back

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  • Cuban Culture Transition 1960s-1970s

    Cuban Culture Transition 1960s-1970s

    Cuban Culture Transition 1960s-1970s: Option B Following the fall of Batista's regime in 1959, and the rise of Fidel Castro ushered in a new age in Cuban history. The next chapter of Cuba would fall under revolutionary changes under Castro’s new regime. The Cuban people wanted change, and in

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Jay Cook 11/20/06 Prof. Goldman History 17B The Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban Missile Crisis was a political confrontation during the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union regarding the building of installations to house intermediate nuclear missiles in Cuba. According to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs,

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cold War is home to the closest threat of a total annihilation of the world’s largest superpower countries in history, The Cuban Missile Crisis. One mistake in this nuclear epidemic would have cost millions of innocent civilians their lives. Although there are many different reasons for the tensions that

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  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuban Revolution

    The Cuban Revolution had both positive and negative effects. The Revolution had many long-lasting effects on the country, and the world itself. It all started back in 1902 when Cuba finally achieved its independence from Spain. After their new constitution was set up, the United States had the right to

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  • Cuban Revolution: Success Or Failure?

    Cuban Revolution: Success Or Failure?

    Cuban Revolution: Success or Failure? A revolution is known as being an activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation. Cuba during the decade of the 1950's experienced this type of rebellion in search for an enhanced and better-developed society, independent of all outside domination. Cuban

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  • Culloden


    Culloden Peter Watkins film, Culloden, gives an account of the battle of Culloden between the Highlands Clan and Cumberland’s army. This film was set up as though it were a documentary taken on the day of the battle to give an accurate view of that horrific day. The purpose of

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  • Cultue


    There are almost as many languages as there are peoples in Ethiopia, about 80 in all. The languages come from a variety of families - Semitic, Hamitic, Nilotic and Omotic. Amharic, spoken in the country's heartland, is Ethiopia's official language, but Tigrinya, spoken in the north, and Orominya, spoken in

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  • Cultural Bias And Structure In Herodotus

    Cultural Bias And Structure In Herodotus

    Herodotus' writes his Histories for Greeks. Specifically for Greeks living in Herodotus' own time. The statement of purpose which begins the work seems to contradict this hypothesis. Herodotus claims to wish to "prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time, and to preserve the fame of the

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  • Cultural Diffusion

    Cultural Diffusion

    "People change their ways mainly because some kind of stranger has brought a new thing to their attention." Ð'- William McNeill In A History of the Human Community, William McNeill explains the creation of many civilizations through the ideas of cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is the exchanging and adaptation of

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  • Cultural Effect Of Labor Systems In Spanish And Portuguese Colonial America

    Cultural Effect Of Labor Systems In Spanish And Portuguese Colonial America

    Upon arriving in what Europeans thought of as "The New World", the men couldn't help but look around and take notice of the vast material wealth the land offered. This was a place of flowing rivers, dense forests, looming mountain sides, and beautiful scenery. But they saw more than just

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  • Cultural Relativism And An Alternative Mode Of Femininity And Feminism In Modern-Day Japan

    Cultural Relativism And An Alternative Mode Of Femininity And Feminism In Modern-Day Japan

    A common reaction of Americans who have spent time in another country is that they believe the customs of the other countries are backward and need improvement. “Other” women are criticized for allowing themselves to live in such an oppressed state, and their traditional cultural resources are seldom recognized. In

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  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution

    The Cultural Revolution was the greatest educational incident chronicled in the last hundred years and it took place from 1966 to 1976. Mao Zedong was the leader of the Cultural Revolution and he wanted to bring about the Cultural Revolution by setting goals to form a more affective bureaucracy. The

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  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution

    The topic for this interview is about life during the Cultural Revolution in China. The person I’m interviewing is my mom. She is 49 years old. When the Cultural Revolution happened, she was only about 6. At first, she got caught up in the hype and she really wanted to

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  • Cultural, Economic, and Political Impact of Islam in West Africa from 1000 Ce to 1750 Ce.

    Cultural, Economic, and Political Impact of Islam in West Africa from 1000 Ce to 1750 Ce.

    (Cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam in West Africa from 1000 CE to 1750 CE.) Between 1000 CE and 1750 CE, Islamic influence caused West Africa to experience several cultural, economic, and political changes and continuities. Culturally, West Africa manages to preserve its traditional ideals while also allowing for

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  • Culture


    What Culture Are You? Picture yourself walking down the street and looking ahead to see a White young male walking towards youÐ'.....what are your first thoughts? First impressions are very important when deciding if you would want to be friends with this person or not. In this paper I'll be

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  • Culture Of Japan

    Culture Of Japan

    Japan was founded in 600 BC by the Emperor Jimmu, the ancestor of the current imperial line. The writing system of Japan and China however was not officially adopted until 405 AD. The Japanese Culture usually had a ruling dynasty, but real power was held by powerful nobles, regents, or

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  • Culture Of Renaissance Vs. Culture Of Late Middle Ages

    Culture Of Renaissance Vs. Culture Of Late Middle Ages

    Following the period of time known as the Late Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance is significantly marked by several cultural and artistic achievements. With artists such as Jan van Eyck, known for his remarkable attention to human personality, and Michelangelo, painter of the Sistine Chapel, the quality of art during

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  • Current Events

    Current Events

    Article Title: Immigration Reform Page number (s): 1 (5 points ) Five things you learned from the article. This is a summary of the main points in the article; please write in your own words. (5 points ___________) 1. Many of the protestors had been mobilized by a Dec. 2005

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  • Cyprus Issue

    Cyprus Issue

    VERDA MURSALOGLU ID# 20020423 ASSIGNED TO: Demet YalÐ"§Ð"Ð...n CYPRUS ISSUE Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the cross-roads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - has one of the oldest histories of the world, dating back 9000 years. Its strategic position, its wealth in forests and

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  • Czechoslovakia Prior To Wwi

    Czechoslovakia Prior To Wwi

    Prior to World War One, Czechoslovakia was not a country. The area of land that became Czechoslovakia was the empire of Austria-Hungary prior to 1918. Austria-Hungary was located in central Europe and was the second largest country in Europe, second only to Russia. It is also the third most populous

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  • D-Day


    The Normandy Invasion Imagine yourself as one of hundreds of American soldiers on landing boats crossing the English Channel to be the first wave to hit the Normandy coastline of France. You look around and see the sickened faces of your fellow brave soldiers puking and praying for their lives,

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