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Civial War

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Reconstruction of the Union

The Civil War was considered one of histories most famous wars. But after a

War, a country is always left wounded. In desperate need to bring the country back together, the government tried to pass the Reconstruction Act in order to reunite America after the war. There were some problems in the reconstruction of America after the Civil War; some of those problems were economic devastation of the South, the education and support of freedmen, and how to deal with the newly freed slaves. After the Civil War,

America was left with many problems and unanswered questions which had to be taken care of in order for America to succeed and become the world power that it is today.

On March 2, 1867, the first of several Reconstruction Acts was passed by Congress. This acts did the following: divided the South into five parts and put each part under one Northern general, ordered southern states to elect new delegates and form new constitutions, required states to allow all African Americans to vote in the elections, for all southern states to guarantee equal rights to all citizens, and required the states to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment. This act was one of the things that helped during the nation's reconstruction.

Of these problems, the one which was easiest to solve, would be the economic problems between the North and the South. The reason for this was because during the reconstruction, the North was running the South's government. Where as before there was a conflict in the labor policies of the North and South, as evidenced by the North paying for its manual labor, and the south getting it for free. The North could now enjoy the thought of having an equal playing field with the South, while all together the North and South could have two separate industries. The North was being concentrated into an industrialized manner, and the south into an agricultural production, the two now had gotten rid of the economic struggle and the South had held its former labor advantages.

One of the problems faced after the Civil War, was the problem with slavery. While the fourteenth amendment was passed


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