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A Tour Through Downtown Paramaribo

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A tour through downtown Paramaribo

Paramaribo, the capital city of the Republic of Suriname. Paramaribo is located in the left bank of the Suriname river near the coast. The city is marked with a lot of history left from the earlier ages. Whenever you walk or drive through the downtown you will observe a lot of historical buildings, the architecture which is descended from the European culture. In 2002 the inner city of Paramaribo has been listed to UNESCO Word Heritage site. The historical buildings of Paramaribo is important aspect for the heritage tourism. The buildings the emphasis will be given are: The presidential Palace, The building of the High Court of Justice and Ministry of Finance building.

The Presidential Palace was built at the end of the 17th century and served as Suriname's independence as Palace of the Governor. At the time, Suriname was a Dutch colony. The building has a traditional Dutch design. History mentions many of refurbishing, additions to buildings on the property. The many extensions do follow the original style of the building is distinguished in the round arches of the galleries. Which continued in the semicircular skylights of the windows on the upper floor. Thereby building on the front makes a harmonious impression. Nowadays the Palace is not occupied, but it’s used for representative purposes.

The building of the High Court dates from 1793 according to a memorial stone. It was built on the brick substructure of a wooden house which the Van Wangenheim-Du Four family had built and which already had the decorated porch of the present building. The substructure was raised to the height of a floor. Therefore the old porch had to be raised with three brick flights. The beautiful brick corner pilasters add a sharp edge to the building. The mansard roof, covered with slate, has ten dormers with barrel shape roofs and carved cheeks and two central dormers which are somewhat larger and are handsomely decorated. The Court supervises the regular settlement of all lawsuits.


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