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Have you ever been in a relationship where it is toxic?Like abuse ,jealousy,and lack of communication.Do you have you have good communication with them?So that their won’t be any unnecessary fighting and no misunderstanding.Well in the book Othello written by William Shakespeare.It is a tragedy written in 1603 and takes place in Venice.The plot revolves around four central characters.Othello,a black general in the Venetian army,his beloved wife Desdemona,his loyal lieutenant Cassio,and Iago who Othello trusts the most.But Iago is filled with jealousy and traitorous.Othello’s actions of giving the position of lieutenant to Cassio,had cause Iago to become extremely jealous which sparks conflicts through the play.As a result,Iago uses Othello's insecurities by manipulating his fears of his wife’s fidelity.One of the unhealthy relationships in Othello was Othello and Desdemona because at first their love was perfect.But then it got tainted because of deception ,being abuse,and the jealousy turning into hate.

One of the ways that make a relationship toxic is deception.Deception which is described as trickery,or a cheat can be viewed as a very bad thing to do.But sometimes people do it and think they have done good because they were trying to get out of hurting the other person.So when Othello asks Desdemona for the handkerchief,because he has suspicions that she was cheating on him.From the lies Iago had told him it had clouded his mind if his wife had been faithful to him.But Desdemona lies and says she has it.Othello-”Lend me your handkerchief”Desdemona-”I have it not about me”.Othello-”Is’t lost?Is’t gone?Speak isn't out o’th way not lost(lll.4. 52-83)Desdemona’s deception to Othello was good intentions because she didn’t want to upset him over something so minor as losing a handkerchief.When she thought that she could fix the situation without him knowing.Since Desdemona had lied to Othello about the handkerchief Othello’s thoughts were confirmed,that Iago was telling the truth that Desdemona was with Cassio and having an affair behind his back.

Another unhealthy relationship is abusing your partner.What Othello did was slap Desdemona in public.Not because he is mean ,not because he is a cruel hearted man.But he is tortured by jealousy that he is angry with Desdemona all the while still desperately in love with her.But if you ask yourself is it ever okay to slap your partner. Your answer should end up as a no,as you may not know Desdemona is portrayed as a weak and innocent women.So when she had gotten slap she didn’t confront Othello about and only asked why did you hit me.As back in those times it was normally for a man to hit his wife how disobeyed,since no one was standing up for her she should have done it for herself.What Desdemona should have done is either talk to Othello and work things out or walk out of the relationship since a man should never hit a woman he claims to love.Othello shouldn’t let his angry get the best of him that he hits her,and he try to talk to her when he


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