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Money Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master

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Explain and make comment on this proberb : ÐŽ®Money is a good servant but a bad masterЎЇ

In our everyday life, money seems to be a necessary element. Without money, we cannot do anything. The utility of money is enormous and powerful and the proverb ``Money is a good friend but also is a bad master`` will be discussed in this test. I will prove the truth of this proverb and its certainty.

Everyone has to work hard to earn for his living. Each one provide a service and get a revenue in return. This is how it works in the society today. With his income, he pays his basic need such as the rent, the food, the transportation and the clothing. He needs the money to survive and to sustain our everyday life. Without money, he has to spend our night time on the street, wear the second handed clothing, eat the food found in the gabbage bin and walk to the destination. He will become a bagger living on the street and have a miserable life. Therefore, each one has to work to earn the money to sustain their life.

Second, money can give a person the power of consummation. With his revenue, one can purchase a car for better convenience. He can go to fancy restaurant with his girlfriend. He can live in a bigger house for comfort. He can dress up in a beautiful suit for appearance. The person can improve his life by spending money he earns and has more diversity in his life. Money brings human being happiness, satisfies oneЎЇs secondary needs and gives a person the power of consummation.

Third, money is a good solution for problems. When one encounters a problem, for example, he lost his power supply for his laptop. Then, he can go to the computer store and buy a new one. He can solve his problem by spending money in the fastest and most way instead of borrowing one from his friend or spending a whole day to find it. Another example,


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