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Modern Student

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Modern Student

When it comes to being a student there are typically three ways that you can go about taking on work: the over achiever, the median, and the procrastinator. Everyone wants to be the over achiever, but not all have the initiative to do so. The type of student you are can show a lot about how far you will succeed in life.

The over achiever is the student that does more than what he or she is supposed to. People that take this academic quality have a good chance of making something of their lives. Initiative is what fuels a good education. Getting a good education is not the only aspect of the over achiever, sometimes they like to go out on a limb and juggle a job. These are also the most common people you will find in clubs or sports of all sorts.

The median is the average student that does only what he or she is supposed to. They get everything done on time, or at least they try.

Basically they put forth their best effort in hopes of getting a passing grade; most students are on the median level. Being at this level gives the student more time for an active social life, while the over achievers are almost limited. Having the extra time gives them the chance to maintain a job without having to cram it into their lives. Also with the extra time on hands gives them a chance to treat themselves to some fun.

Then there is the procrastinator which is the worst quality to have if you want to make it in the academic world. Having this quality means that you put everything else before the school work. This is when they have the choice to start writing a paper, but it's a nice day so they choose to go fishing with some friends. A good percentage of students fall under this category; all of which, wish they did not. These students seem to treat themselves to almost too much fun, and chances of succeeding in life are slim.


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